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Present Job Openings:

1 – AI/ML Software Engineer

2 – Computer Vision Engineer

3 – Embedded Hardware Engineer


Internship Opening:


1. GPU hardware Exploration:

We are looking for suitable candidates who want to explore and have a hands on experience on GPU embedded development boards like Jetson Nano and Google Coral. The knowledge of Python and Machine Learning will be useful although beginners with a desire to learn can also apply.

2. AI/ML Software:

We are looking for suitable candidates who are eagar to work and learn AI/ML by working on real time projects and contribute to the society. Prior knowledge of Python is desired.

 Roles & Responsibilities:

·         Understanding and documenting product requirements and helping the team lead in developing product specifications.

·         Conducting market surveys for understanding similar existing products in the market.

·         Studying various research papers and blogs for understanding the algorithms.

·         Designing architecture for particular application software.

·         Designing the user interface for application software in terms of either desktop application, mobile application or web application.

·         Designing Python code for various sub-parts of the application software. 

·         Prepare an exhausting plan for testing the application.

·         Designing hardware for the product and understanding how it can be integrated with existing infrastructure.

·         Prepare proper documentation and reports for the designed code.

Note: Timing and duration can be decided by mutual convenience at the time of Interview.

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