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Present Job Openings:

1 – AI/ML Software Engineer

2 – Computer Vision Engineer

3 – Embedded Hardware Engineer


Internship Opening:

1. GPU hardware Exploration:

We are looking for suitable candidates who want to explore and have a hands on experience on GPU embedded development boards like Jetson Nano and Google Coral. The knowledge of Python and Machine Learning will be useful although beginners with a desire to learn can also apply.

2. AI/ML Software:

We are looking for suitable candidates who are eager to work and learn Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning by working on real time projects and contribute to the society. Prior knowledge of Python is desired.

Roles & Responsibilities:

·Understanding and documenting product requirements and helping the team lead in developing product specifications.

·Conducting market surveys for understanding similar existing products in the market.

·Studying various research papers and blogs for understanding the algorithms.

·Designing architecture for particular application software.

·Designing the user interface for application software in terms of either desktop application, mobile application or web application.

·Designing Python code for various sub-parts of the application software. 

·Prepare an exhausting plan for testing the application.

·Designing hardware for the product and understanding how it can be integrated with existing infrastructure.

·Prepare proper documentation and reports for the designed code.

Note: Timing and duration can be decided by mutual convenience at the time of Interview.