Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) is a buzz word now a days. It plays a very important role in digital communication and networking. It deals with communication and information exchange between differnt physical objects and devices without depending on human to human or human to computer interaction.

This advanced communication between equipment via IoT has taken device automation and building management systems to level which used to be a dream only a few years back. Home appliances which can be controlled over a network are called smart appliances. Now you can control your appliances remotely over internet; switching them on or off just by tapping the screen of your smart phone. All this became possible with internet of things (IoT).

1. Smart Home

The idea of switching on Air conditioner before your arrival or switching off lights after your departure is intriguing to say the less.  It is possible because of advancement in Internet of Things (IoT). You can even unlock doors for your relatives and friends remotely. We at Technoinc are building IoT products to make your life simpler and convenient. Smart Home has become the revolutionary ladder of success in the residential spaces and it is predicted Smart homes will become as common as  smartphones.

2. Smart Wearables

Smart Wearables are becoming increasingly popular with its use for fitness, health and entertainment purpose. It cosistes of variety of sensors and associated software to collect data from the user which can be used to find out important informations about the user.

3. Smart Cities

IoT can be used for developing smarter city. It can be used for effective surveillance, energy management, water distribution, smarter transportation, smart water distribution etc. It can help in solving the problems related to air pollution and traffic congestion in big cities. It can help in waste management for cities. IoT can help in finding out parking slots across the city.

4. IoT in agriculture

IoT can be a great help to farmers by providing great insight from data to increase production and generate more revenue. It can be used to sense soil moisture levels, precision farming, controlling water usage, controlling weeds with proper spraying of chemicals through drones etc.  

5. Smart Retail

IoT can help big retail stores in enhancing the customer experience through their stores and even out of it. It can help in improvement of store layout by placing products in appropriate areas by tracking customers path through the store.

6. IOT in Healthcare

IoT can be a boon to healthcare industry which is deprive of quality doctors particularly in rural areas. The use of telemedicine and smart wearable devices have a great potential in tranforming healthcare system. The data from these devices can also be used in providing personalize health care solutions.


We have experts with more than five years of experience in following technologies to provide you customized service.

"If you think that the internet has changed your life, think again. The IoT is about to change it all over again! "
~Brendan O’Brien

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